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Introducing RetailSmartData

When customers are in your store, it’s pretty easy to tell how they move around. You can see which displays they go to first, and how long they spend different types of merchandise. When a customer picks up an item and carries it around for a little while before deciding not to buy – you know!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that with your website? With RetailSmartData, you can! RetailSmartData harnesses the power of Statistical Analytics to provide you with a step-by-step picture of how customers browse and engage with your website.

Every unique buyer’s journey is captured in detail. This means you don’t have to rely on anyone’s assumption about what parts of your website are working best: you’ll have an accurate recording of what actually happens each and every day in real time. RetailSmart Data Helps You Discover:

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RetailSmartData Boosts Conversions

RetailSmartData will tell you what’s working well on your website and what needs fine tuning. Designed for busy small business owners, RetailSmartData includes data rich digital maps of your customer’s journey on your website and through custom reports you'll be able to make smart decisions about updates and changes to your website. You’re already updating your website’s content, imagery, and product pages on a regular basis. Now with RetailSmartData you can make the updates in the areas that will boost conversions.

RetailSmartData Makes Great Websites Even Better

You want your customers to have a great experience while they’re on your website. RetailSmartData expands your ability to provide top tier service. Reliable accurate actionable insights are generally all a retailer needs to take their business to the next level. Take full advantage of the data and sales skills you already have in place. Discover how profitable working to your fullest potential can be.

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